One Studio. Three Types.


The creative, designer type

The standard: before Michele was 27iD, she worked in graphic/web design, marketing and communications before moving into senior management roles in corporations and local government.

The personal: Michele‘s shy. You wouldn’t know it from the smile on her face but she is. That‘s why she’s wearing the beanie and she really does smile a lot.

Michele used to stutter, really, really badly (think ‘The King’s Speech’) which was somewhat of a drawback when it came to job interviews but on the plus side, she listened much more than most people. She hardly stutters now but still listens to people just as much as she works with them to tell their stories.


The hear no evil type

Frankie joined the studio and then proceeded to spend his days either lolling at Michele’s feet or barking madly for her to come play with him, which was not what she had in mind when he joined her. It‘s all the more surprising because Frankie is deaf. Yes, we know… a totally deaf dog barks.

We suspect he thinks it‘s magic. He moves his mouth and Michele walks out of her office. Yes, we know… it wasn’t a bright move on Michele’s part to walk out of the office when he first barked but they were both surprised. Michele at his barking and Frankie that moving his mouth would bring Michele. It was one of those WTF moments for both of them.

Of course, if you want to attract Michele‘s attention, you’ll have to email her or call. Much more civilised.


The strong, silent type

Dependable and oh so good looking, (O.K. so it’s all relative) Apple’s the engine room of the studio absorbing everything thrown at it with barely a shrug of its not inconsiderable shoulders.

It looks out confidently onto the world, is best friends with the Cintiq and will even let Windows share one of its’ monitors occasionally. Although we suspect that’s more because it wants to show off what it can do, rather than harbouring any good feelings towards Windows.