Designing for people with stories to tell.

Big or small. We have you covered.

We create websites for business and authors. Whether it’s a responsive business website, branding site, an e-commerce solution, author website or blog, we design to give your website an individual presence that works online.

We primarily use WordPress to build our client’s sites because it’s a versatile content management system (CMS) where we can create fully functional responsive websites and mobile applications for our clients and more importantly, it’s easy for them to learn and master quickly.

We started out coding websites in HTML and we’ve been working with Wordpress for a few years now. What started out as a little known open source software, now powers millions of websites worldwide. We know our way around.

Let your personality shine through

Your visual identity can make people connect with your brand and recall your business name – a simple mental shortcut to help people quickly understand what your business is about. When we’re designing, we think about…

Does it match your market? It doesn’t have to say what you do. McDonald’s doesn’t have a burger, Apple doesn’t have a computer and Qantas doesn’t have a plane. Sometimes a simple wordmark works best.

Will it look good large and small? It shouldn’t be complicated. Simplicity allows flexibility in size. It needs to work well small without loss of detail as well as large. Simple is easier to recognise, just ask the BBC.

Still effective in black & white? Colourful may suit your business but there will be times when your logo is asked to star in black and white and if it doesn’t look good in black and white, then no amount of colour will rescue it.


It's all in how you look at it.

Think of us for branding, identity, print, packaging and advertising. From posters to flyers, business cards and letterheads, advertising, press brochures, direct mail booklets and more.

You should never judge a book by its cover

But we all do. The book title and cover is your first introduction to the reader, treat it as you would your business. After all, you want to make a great impression on those casually browsing. First introductions are always hard, so let’s make it a little easier on both of you.

Small is good.

Your ebook cover on Amazon could be seen at its’ smallest at around 80 x 56 pixels. This is not a lot of screen real estate you’ve got to play with. Of course, it does get progressively bigger if a reader chooses to buy your book. Your cover has to look good at its smallest and up to 2732 x 2048 pixels on the latest iPad. Hard to believe so much could be asked of one little cover.

Launch your story globally.

How long will you wait before converting?

You’ve got the same amount of shelf space on Amazon and Apple as the big publishers. They don’t get a bigger cover image than you, they don’t get more words than you and the author pages are the same. Sure the big publishers have a way bigger marketing budget but you’re going to find big boys with money in every industry. There will always be people and companies with more money than you but is that really a good enough reason not to go indie?

Our clients are just like you

Building towards their goals one step at a time